Ken Brandt (Bro. Take a Stand) does a work of fAITH (Dale Koller helps) (so does David Doyle)


What "Work of fAITH" does sound-sound dOCTRINE Kenny do?? He re-writes a book by Dusty Rhoades.

Commentary on “Studies in Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition”
By Allan Lewicki

When the very first paragraph in this book is a OUTRIGHT EFFRONTERY LIE, compounded with the LIE on the cover of the book (1998), I have absolutely NO respect, esteem, reverence, veneration, admiration, approval, etc. for the remainder of the book et al!

I am one of very few people that know enough about THE LATE Richard E. Rhoades and his Maranatha Bible Society to recognize this lie.

How do I know that the first paragraph is a lie, and that 1998 is a lie? The last book written by R. E. Rhoades was his commentary on Genesis, The MBS distributes this under the title “Genesis chapters 1 – 25”. That book was distributed to the members of the MBS (while I was still an active member) about late 2002. R.E.R.’s intention was to complete his commentary on the remainder of Genesis and then to write a commentary on the Book of Revelation.

The reason that his commentary on Genesis was his last book is…SHORTLY THEREAFTER HE DIED!
So who wrote this book? I can’t say for an absolute certainty but there are two people that would be my prime suspects: Ken Brandt or Dale Koller (everybody else in their fellowship is just plane too dumb). Between these two people I suspect Ken Brandt more than Dale Koller. D.K. has a family and a full time job; whereas Ken Brandt has forsaken his previous livelihood to take up the position as “President of the Maranatha Bible Society”.

So the book “Studies in Progressive Revelation, Third Edition, 1998” is NOT the progeniture of Richard E. Rhoades…It’s the afterbirth! Just for argumentative sake I will proceed with the assumption that Kennith David Brandt really is the author.

I can make several blanket statements about this stinking abomination attributed to Richard Edward Rhoades:

· As I started to read, I was going to mark every occurrence of a corruption of Scripture. I changed my mind (because I would mark up the book too much). Here is the first blanket statement: If a verse of Scripture is quoted…it is corrupt! That there are verses, that for some reason known only to Ken Brandt, have not been altered I will admit.

· The most egregious corruption of capitalization is just about EVERYPLACE (but I have seen one place where this is not so) (and not just in this book, but anything produced by the MBS) the following three verses are quoted: Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30, Thessalonians 4:8; holy Spirit is changed to Holy Spirit.

· Having scrutinized the original work of R.E.R. “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1”, this so called “Third Addition” is NOT a re-write! It is a conglomeration of material written by the late “evangelist” and given a title so as to appear to be a re-write.

· The same errors of “scholarship”, which are just plane stupidity, are still present…Ken Brandt DID NOT do an acceptable job of editing, errors such as; the number of books in the New Testament, Forward vs. Foreword are the most glaring.

Hey…if this book was presented in a Theological Seminary as a theses or dissertation…it wouldn’t just get thrown out…it would get puked on!

This Blog and two others are part of a trilogy…a trilogy as an epithet to the late founder of the Maranatha Bible Society, Richard E Rhoades.

Don’t Step in the Maranatha Bible Society
Sub Title:
The Heart of Richard E Rhoades: Father of the Maranatha Bible Society

A “Masterpiece” by Richard E. Rhoades, Father of the Maranatha Bible Society
Sub Title:
The Maranatha Bible Society's "Whole Counsel of God" Everything But Chapter and Verse for "The Scriptures" I Cor 15:3-4

"Henry Dziczkowski"
Sub Title:
It gives HIS lord gEZUS kRYST honor and glory to corrupt the KJV


Why would Ken Brandt go through a somewhat laborious effort of doing this “re-write? I think I know. To explain my thoughts I need to review the events, chronologically, from the time I was still a member of the MBS until now.
· One of the first, but not “the first” things I became aware of was the corruptions of capitalization in EVERYTHING written by R.E.R.

· The Straw that Broke the Camels Back causing my total excommunication was “The Incident”, it seems that the disciples of R.E.R liked to follow his example.

· In the autumn of 2003 I wrote “Clarification” and sent it to everyone on the
mailing list of the MBS, of course this gendered a “righteous” response from Ken Brandt and Lonnie Stafford. I replied to both of these people with a point-by-point letter.

· A little less then two years ago the Maranatha Bible Society published their own web site…I found it. I thought to myself…“Is that so! They can create a web site, so can I.”

· A little more then a year ago I wrote my first Blog, this Blogging is now turning into a book! The first posts were “Clarification” (referenced above). The next two were the letters I had written to Ken Brandt and Lonnie Stafford: (


Ken Brandt, in his “righteous” response, made a pious proclamation…quote K.B. “Truth is violated by falsehood and out-raged by silence”…Is that so Kenny !?

Ken Brandt has NEVER addresses the issues I listed in my reply to his reply. One of these issues is the Farcical Hypocrisy of the late Dr. (honorary PhD) Richard Edward Rhoades, father of the Maranatha Bible Society. One of the books authored by R. E. Rhoades is:

“Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1”

From that book are five quotes:

1) His "Creed", page 258 XIV: "The Bible is the complete and PERFECT Word of God and is trustworthy in all matters..."

2) Page 353: Lines 10 & 11 "...I haven't found a single place that I would call error, nor do I deem it necessary to delete or substitute anything"

3) Page 265: Lines 13, 14 & 15 "As to why I believe the Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God, I have reason to believe it to be SELF EVIDENT."

4) Page 349: Lines 18, 19 & 20 "...the KJV underwent a lot of correction before finally coming to the place where it was error free..."



To put it mildly, Ken Brandt has a problem. Evidently K.B. concocts a scheme: Re-write the book! The New Improved addition:

“Studies in Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition”
Items 1 through 4 are expunged. Item 5 still remains, but it is attributed to Alexander McClure (page 304) (I will come back to Alexander McClure).

Hey Ken…is this what you call “Scholarship”? So you remove embarrassing proclamations of your “Apostle”, but you replace them with utterances that are EVEN MORE DAMNING ! than the ones from the original addition:

Page 65 (italics are mine)
All who are saved are saved by believing that Christ died for them, was buried and raised from the dead for them, and all of this “according to the Scriptures”. These “Scriptures” of which Paul spoke were the Old Testament canonical writings.

Page 69 (italics are mine)
When Paul gave us the Gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ for our sins, he based that fact upon the Old Testament Scriptures (I Corinthians 15:1-4) As I stated before, these Scriptures were the Old Testament and not the four Gospels…

Page 76 The very first question
1. What Scriptures did Paul refer to when he spoke of the Gospel in I Corinthians 15:1-4?

Page 133 (italics are mine)
What I do read and understand of the Gospel, is a stated fact which is to be acted upon believingly with faith that comes through hearing the Word of God, and this Word proclaims Christ to be resurrected from the dead “according to the Scriptures”…

(above is the title of the chapter on page 239, again; italics are mine)
7. The death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ fulfilled every typical sacrifice of the Old Testament…When Paul proved the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, he proved these events from the Old Testament canonical writings. (I Corinthians 15:1-4)


Why would Ken Brandt make a point of “The Scriptures”? I will tell you why…My condemnation of Ken Brandt is that he insists that “The Scriptures” of First Corinthians, chapter fifteen, verses three and four refer to the Epistles of the Apostle Paul.

Why is that? When I wrote my response to Ken Brandt, I issued a direct challenge; here is a copy and paste from that letter:

Somebody, anybody…all of you put together…even with your cats and dogs…show me…in the framework of the two above paragraphs…taking as your documentation, ALL of the tapes ever made by R.E.R. All of the videos, ALL of his books…ALL of ANYTHING produced by this man

Show me Chapter and Verse, where he preached the Gospel According to the Scriptures!

Hey, O Rightly Word Divider Ken…just for you I can rephrase this…from the book that YOU re-wrote…answer the first question on page 76.

This needs to be repeated…answer the first question on page 76. His Holiness loved to use repetition in his teaching! Hey Kenny…you do know what repetition is, don’t you? (maybe not)…answer the question on page 76…answer the first question on page 76!

I’m not done. Prove to me, the world and God that you really did study as commanded by Paul (2 Tim 2:15) (now that there is no way in Hell that you can contort what “the scriptures” are). A question:

The Crucifixion…What was the month the day and the date? For your answer site chapter and verse.

Hey everybody in the whole world, here is the bottom line…His Holiness, the “Evangelist” Richard Edward Rhoades  NEVER PREACHED THE GOSPEL !!


I’m still not done (actually, I won’t be done until the White Thorn Judgment).

The focus will shift from “The Scriptures” to blatant, flagrant, meretricious, ostentatious, etc. etc. CORRUPTIONS of CAPITALIZATION. Apparently, people in association with the Maranatha Bible Society regard this as insignificant. I have written one whole Blog addressing this:

emails From Timothy H. Sroka

Continuing with excerpts from “…3rd Addition”

Page 243-244 (italics are mine)
15. As to why I believe the Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God…if we have any faith at all it has to be built upon trust and confidence…Internal evidence points to its infallibility…God directed and oversaw the overall correctness of the Word, and you will understand the Bible to be the complete and perfect Word of God. We are forbidden to add or subtract anything from it…
End of Quotation

His Eminence, the most eminent one; Richard Edward Rhoades, Biblical Scholar Extraordinaire, So smart that he ripped up his PhD (ask Ken Brandt)…I get frothing at the mouth about the farcical hypocrisy of this over sized pile of shit…where was I…R.E.R. goes on to quote from the Book of Revelation, chapter twenty-two, verses eighteen and nineteen…and then defile it by inserting his own opinion in the middle of the text.

Page 244 (italics are mine) (the very next item!)
16. “study to show (ourselves) approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” (II Timothy 2:15) Remember: the words are inspired, for thought is expressed in words, and it is important to pay close attention to the words of Scripture,…

Note the uppercase W and the uppercase T
Do you think that is insignificant? Read this:

Page 300 (italics are mine)
…Why take out something that the King James translators left in, when they were obviously better equipped mentally, spiritually, morally, and educationally than we today? Who are we to judge what should be in God’s Word and what isn’t? What we have in our Bible was not put there to be questioned but to be accepted as the authentic Word of God.

End of Quotation

I had mentioned that I would come back to Alexander McClure. I will. However, in review of what I have written, I will do this on an additional Blog devoted to just that.

{ Should anyone desire to read the original work of Alexander McClure, that is undefiled by the “wisdom” if the latest incarnation of Elymas Bar-jesus, it is published in several places on the Internet:

To have the words of Richard E. Rhoades conjoining those of Alexander W. McClure is an insult }

Continuing; quoting from “Translators Revived” the book published by the Maranatha Bible Society, NOT the original.

Page xxii (italics are mine)
The problem with this apparent disregard for upper and lower case letters and the use of past and present tense is far more than a matter of personal preference

…Here Paul is making reference to the spirit of man and not the Spirit of God. If, for instance, we were to find an upper case “S” in the passage, we would be confronted with an insurmountable problem. It is no less true when we find that the obvious reference to the Holy Spirit has had the upper case removed…

End of Quotation

I did say I get frothing at the mouth over “Farcical Hypocrisy”…those words are being too kind! Let me re-state something from the beginning of this essay:

· The most egregious corruption of capitalization is just about EVERYPLACE (but I have seen one place where this is not so) (and not just in this book, but anything produced by the MBS) the following three verses are quoted: Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30, Thessalonians 4:8; holy Spirit is changed to Holy Spirit.

So R.E.R…it’s bady-bady to change the S but goody-goody to change the H…you pile of Shit!

When I wrote “Clarification” one of the issues I took under consideration was the “scholarship” of R.E.R. Instead of going on with what members of the MBS would call a tirade, I will just quote from my own document:

Scholarly pronouncements by the founder (Rhoades) are in no way to be construed as having any semblance of accuracy but are only intended to give the appearance of a superior knowledge of the subjects discussed.

Page 70 and Page 257 of “…3rd Addition”, my comments:

In relation to the “26” books in the N.T…Hey, O Rightly Word Divider (K.B.); you may claim to rightly divide the word, you maybe rightly multiply the word, or even rightly take the square root of the word…there is one thing that you sure as shit can’t do…rightly add the word!

This Blog is a portion of the book I that I have written and published condemning Richard E. Rhoades, Ken Brandt, Dale Koller and the Maranatha Bible Society et al.
Hey Kennith David Brandt; I’ll see you, Richard E. Rhoades, Frank Riley, Dale Koller, Henry P. Dziczkowsky, Harry Heise at the White Thrown Judgment…in the mean time, go take a stand.

Written by My Hand
Allan Lewicki

From the Web Site of the Maranatha Bible Society / Text Messages / Trying the Spirits:

Copy and Paste quote (i.e. verbatim, word for word, letter for letter, even the words in bold):

Then there is this most terrible statement of Martin Luther (which I believe is undoubtly true), "Whom God intends to destroy, He gives them license to play with the Scriptures" (Psalm 5:6; Proverbs 16:4; Jude 4). What does this say of all those today who have changed the Word of God?

End of Quotation

From the Word of God, the Gospel of Matthew, chapter twelve, verse thirty-seven:

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.


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